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Fruits Basket

Sad news

Posted by angelembryo on 2014.04.28 at 13:04
Current Mood: sadsad
During their appearance at the Kansai Rock Summit music festival on April 26, 2014, Suicide Ali announced that they will disband this year.

Their final performance will be held on July 19 at Club Alive in Osaka.

In the two days since the announcement, no official reasons have been given for the decision.

Source: Hisashi's blog

Starwave Fest Vol. 7 Report

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2013.08.11 at 20:37


Chibi Cards

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2013.03.15 at 16:50
Anyone know where these cards could be from? Because I have no idea.
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I found it in some ameba blog, but I don't recall seeing this anywhere else.

More Dora Pics

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2013.03.11 at 19:21
Just some Goshi to keep it going:


Shijushichi No Gen at Karatetsu

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2012.12.12 at 09:37
Along with Road of the wing.


Kirin Works Tainted Gallery Review

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2012.12.07 at 09:45

Suicide Ali Bracelet

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2012.11.29 at 11:51
So I checked their blogs and it looks like the boys are making a bracelet. I just want to know, is it going to be sold through the shop, or is it a live only promotion?

Suicide Ali's Shijushichi No Gen PV

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2012.10.16 at 19:57

I dunno. I was expecting a bit of a creepfest, but the music doesn't really fit the pv. The pv itself has a dark atmosphere to it, both lighting and makeup, but the song sounds more upbeat for the pv to fit together properly. It would really set the mood for some of their other songs, but whatever. What do you guys think?

P.S. My most important point-Who's the girl in the pv? Just wondering.

Am Desosse's Blog

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2012.09.22 at 18:01

Not much is on there, but still.

Revenge of Popcorn Magazine

Posted by jawlyrogers on 2012.09.18 at 22:15
Remember this post?



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